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Vastu Shastra

Astro Vastu : The Science which solves most problems

Vaastu Shastra

This combination of Astrology and Vastu Shastra has been proven if applied effectively to remove all your financial, health, marriage, career related problems and give you remedies which last a life time. .
The principle behind Astro Vastu is simple, a house with many Vastu Shastra faults has a tendency to pull the positivity and luck out of a good horoscope, and a house with perfect Vastu Shastra has the power to enhance positive beginnings and amplify luck even in a not so good horoscope.
As a Vastu Shastra and Geopathic Stress consultant my first questions would be: Did you recently move and feel unsettled? Are you having marital problems? Do you suffer from repeated failures in your business or profession despite the fact that you have worked hard? Are you stressed and anxious without cause? Do you have headaches irregular sleeping patterns, skin infections, ADHD, heart or stomach problems or low immunity? Are you still single even though you have joined many matrimonial sites? If you answered yes to any of these then you should consider looking into an Astro Vastu consultation or Geopathic Stress Rectification for your home or office. Before I learnt how to create a 100% stress free home, I couldn't sleep at night. This lead to stress and strain on my body. During this period I gained weight, my BP and thyroid levels went haywire and I become more inefficient at my job causing tension at work.

Despite the fact that I had studied Astro Vastu Shastra and had already been working as an Astro Vastu consultant in London for a number of years, I was still experiencing all these troubles. At the time I was already well-versed in finding the perfect Vastu property and changing any Vastu Dosh at home or office using methods taught to me by the lecturer Dr. B B Puri and the Vasati Yantras of Marcus Schmieke, a Sanskrit and Vastu Shastra scholar.
I was taking every precaution - sleeping with my head to the East, lying in the best room in the house and arranging the furniture according to correct Astro Vastu principles. I had a positive planetary configuration and had synced my horoscope with the house using Yantra Therapy.
Neither had I changed my diet or my medication, then why was i so sick? With further study and research I learnt that even if the structural Astro Vastu in the house was correct and free of Vastu Dosh, (i.e. the entrance was in the correct direction, the property was in the proper shape, there were no cuts or extensions within the premises and the toilet and kitchen had all been aligned in the right direction and corner of the house), if the Geopathic stress lines and negative UV and IR are not balanced then the Vastu would only be 20% effective.
These faults can be detected and rectified by using the Universal Scanner devised by Dr. Murthy, a renowned Vastu consultant scientist and scholar.So I studied Geopathic Stress rectification and I became one of the few Astro Vastu consultants in London, UK to use the Universal Scanner. Now I lead a more active, healthy, peaceful, and most importantly, a stress-free life. If you would like to live a stress free life as well please email me a floor plan of your property with the North indicated on it, the time,place and date of your birth and I will try my very best to solve your problems.