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Sri Yantra

For those people who are unable to make any structural changes to the layout of the plot or the interior arrangement of their home or office, Yantra Therapy is the only solution to remove Vastu Dosh and effects of malefic planets.

Vastu Dosh is caused by performing an activity not suited for a direction. For example, some houses create a living area in the South East to capture the most natural light and warmth, however the South East is the area reserved for the kitchen and not having a kitchen in the South East can impact your health and the health of your finances. By simply placing a Venus Yantra in the South East and establishing either a Vastu Chowki Yantra or a Vastu Dosh Nivarak Yantra the ill effects can be sizeably reduced.

When we talk about balancing negative planetary influence we try to co align the basic activities in the rooms with the planets in your horoscope and balance the malefic energies of misaligned planets with Yantras. Thus the flow of positive auspicious energy is revived in the property and the process of removing the Vastu Dosh and balancing the 5 elements can be activated and the effects are guaranteed to stay life long, however you will need to check once in a while whether the Yantras are still in place.

Let us take the Vasati Direction Yantra as another example. It is a very powerful Vastu rectification tool as it is used in all situations where there are defects of direction ie Vastu Dosh.

This Yantra has a complex structure in which geometric elements, symbols and mantras are combined. In the centre of the Vasati Direction Yantra there is the Vastu-Purusha, the symbol of the life space. His head is directed towards the northeast, his feet to the southwest and his joints are located in the two dynamic directions, the northwest and the southeast. Around the Vastu Purusha there is a geometrical structure made of three circles, in which the 32 directions of the sky are named and numbered.

This structure has the effect of an antenna and at the same time of a mechanism which balances wrong activities of rooms or objects by asking the Vastu Purusha of the property for forgiveness and that he may overlook the blunder caused by the activity.

This makes this Yantra one of the easiest, cheapest and most effective Vastu Rectification tools ever discovered.

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