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Swastik Pyramid Yantra

All Yantras are energised and activated by Coralie herself and do not require any form of puja or reciting of activation mantra.

Swastik Pyramid Yantra


Product Details

This Swastik Pyramid is a powerful rectification tool for Vastu defects because it combines two symbols. The first is a swastik which is formed after combining the sri yantra, baglamukhi yantra,ganapati yantra and maha mrityunjay yantra. It has been called the symbol of Lord Ganesh as it stops negativity from entering a property and transmutes any negative energy into positive energy. That is why at the beginning of any puja or auspicious work a swastik is drawn as it acts as a remover of all obstacles and blesses the project with success. The next symbol is a pyramid whose structure in itself amplifies energy and the presence of a pyramid therefore brings about prosperity.

This swastik pyramid is used primarily to ward of negative vibrations and should be placed on the outside of your property on the exact points of the 8 directions. If combined with a Ganesh Yantra at the entrance and the 9 Grah Vastu Pyramid Yantra in the centre of the property, one can remove 75% of Vastu defects. The rest 25% is done by Astro Vastu after taking a look at the users horoscope and suggesting mantras and astrological rectification.

Size : 3inches by 3 inches ,  Material : Brass

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