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Silver Sri Yantra Ring

All Yantras are energised and activated by Coralie herself and do not require any form of puja or reciting of activation mantra.

Silver Sri Yantra Ring


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Sri Yantra is not only meant for highest form of worship but is also used as a Talisman in India and abroad. Sri Yantra is  the symbol of the cosmos and that of the cosmic vibration "Om". It is considered  an instrument for attaining wealth. It is abode of all gods and goddesses. It is believed that Sri Yantra has the strength to  overcome all financial problems.This ring has  a design of the Sri Yantra on the top of it is very auspicious for all lovers of the Sri Yantra.

 Sri Yantra represents the 2816 energies of the divine Goddess so worshipping the Sri Yantra means worshipping all these energies. It fulfils all worldly desires and grants all wishes through cosmic power.

By meditating on this Sri Yantra the attunement of individual consciousness with the harmony of universal consciousness is established and develops. By wearing this Sri Yantra  it is believed to bring about material and spiritual wealth, strengthen relationships, enhance peace, happiness, empowerment, authority, prosperity and  success.

The nine interlocking triangles of the Sri Yantra are a powerful and timeless object of meditation. The Sri Yantra represents the beauty of the Divine Feminine, and also the union of Masculine and Feminine. This symbol is also sometimes referred to as the Sri Chakra and is a powerful tool on the journey to spiritual advancement.

Following Mantra should be recited 11 times before wearing it- " Om Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Kamley Kamlalaye Praseed Praseed Shreeng Hreeng Shreeng Om Mahalaxmyai Namah "

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