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Nazardosh Locket

All Yantras are energised and activated by Coralie herself and do not require any form of puja or reciting of activation mantra.

Nazardosh Locket


Product Details

Nazar Suraksha Kavach works wonderfully for those natives who are under the impact of EVIL EYE or mal effect of Saturn’s sade sati. Sometimes the impact of evil eye is so adverse that it retards the growth in all areas of native’s life. This kavach works as a protective shield and does not allow him / her to be the victim of negative influences cast by EVIL EYE / Malefic Saturn. Nazardosh Locket is made of Rudraksha and Hakeek stone. The kavach is beautifully designed and can be worn as a locket also. The kavach is made of eight metals. Nazardosh Locket shall be able to retain its shine forever due to the mixing of fair amount of gold in these metals. So, Nazardosh Locket serves two purposes - to remove effects of evil eye and to enhance and beautify the wearer. Nazardosh Locket has “Rudraksha” which is favourite to Lord Shiva. Rudraksha eliminates all evil effects and bestows one with peace and prosperity. From ancient times Hakeek gems were believed to have great powers. The combination of these two fold powers blesses one with good health, prosperity, good career and happy family life.


Material: Ashtadhatu

Size: None

Useability : Career, Health, Income, Luck, Success, Saturn-Remedies, Business-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Aaccident-Safety-Remedies, Nazar-Dosh-Upay, Locket


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