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Navgraha Yantra Locket

All Yantras are energised and activated by Coralie herself and do not require any form of puja or reciting of activation mantra.

Navgraha Yantra Locket


Product Details

Anybody can wear Navgraha Yantra locket. The locket is made of yantras and images of all grahas.  Navgrah Yantra is designed generally on Ashtadhatu. Sometimes all the efforts of a man prove to be void due to malefic impact of planets. This locket protects from the malefic influence and evil effects of Saturns Sadesati or Mahadasha. The locket should be worn in the morning of any auspicious day after performing Panchoapchaar form of worship. The locket starts showing its auspicious effects on the person.Use:• Wearing of this locket renders all round prosperity to the person. • One should immerse this locket in water for six hours and take the water thereafter. It will save him from diseases. • It saves a man from the evil effects of the cruel planets and the Navagrahas help him have all round success. • It saves a man from many of his enemies and from accidents while on a journey. • It enhances the wealth of the person, improves health and helps to accomplish all tasks.

 Following Mantra should be recited for it:

  "Om Bramha Murari Tripurantkari Bhanuh Shashih Bhumi Suto BudhashchGurushch Sukrah Shani Rahu Ketuwah Sarwe Graha Shanti Kara Bhavantu"    

Material:  Brass

Size:  None

Useability : Career, Health, Income, Luck, Saturn-Remedies, Rahu-Remedies, Ketu-Remedies, Sun-Remedies, Mars-Remedies, Venus-Remedies, Mercury-Remedies, Moon-Remedies, Nine-Planets-Remedies, Jupiter-Remedies, Marriage-Life, Business-Remedies, Family-Prosperity, Aries-Moon-Sign, Taurus-Moon-Sign, Gemini-Moon-Sign, Cancer-Moon-Sign, Leo-Moon-Sign, Virgo-Moon-Sign, Libra-Moon-Sign, Scorpio-Moon-Sign, Sagittarius-Moon-Sign, Capricorn-Moon-Sign, Aquarius-Moon-Sign, Pisces-Moon-Sign, Aries-Ascendant-Sign, Taurus-Ascendant-Sign, Gemini-Ascendant-Sign, Cancer-Ascendant-Sign, Leo-Ascendant-Sign, Virgo-Ascendant-Sign, Libra-Ascendant-Sign, Scorpio-Ascendant-Sign, Sagittarius-Ascendant-Sign, Capricorn-Ascendant-Sign, Aquarius-Ascendant-Sign, Pisces-Ascendant-Sign, Locket


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