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Cupid Pendant

All Yantras are energised and activated by Coralie herself and do not require any form of puja or reciting of activation mantra.

Cupid Pendant


Product Details

Cupid Pendant - For Attracting Love 

(Sodalite, Zircon+6 Faced Rudraksha)

 This pendant is made with the combined use of the gem of the planet of love which is Venus, and the gem of planet of Saturn, which brings stability in love relation. Saturn's Semiprecious gem Sodalite (Neeli) and Venus’s semiprecious gem Zircon is used with Six Faced Rudraksha of Venus again to make this pendant. By wearing this pendant love relation, compatibility and attraction increase between husband – wife and lover - beloved.

This should be worn on any Friday after recting the following Mantra 11 times “ Om Kleeng Kaam Devaay Namah”

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