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The prices for the Vastu Shastra consultancy and Geopathic Stress rectification are given only after Coralie has had a look at a plan of the property because the price depends on the number of rectification Yantras and Geopathic rods/pyramids a property requires.

Normally she charges between GBP 250 - 500 for a residential property consultation and upto £1000 - £2000 for a commercial property. Paper Yantras cost £10 for every yantra and approx £175 for the Geopathic Stress rods and £175 for the Geopathic Stress pyramid. The Metal Yantras Coralie uses are listed under the products section.

Most of her clients go in for the package of £999, which includes consultation for a residential property, GS rectification tools and 15 Paper Yantras and and 1 Metal Yantra, which can be advised only after having a look at your horoscope.

Easy monthly instalments can be arranged.