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Vastu Advice for the Home:

Vastu in Sanskrit means “Nature and surrounding environment” and Vaastu means “living in harmony and building with natural resources.”

A home should be like a protective cover for its occupants, like an umbrella that protects you from the rain. It should protect against Nature itself and its dual forces of health and ill health, success and failure, happiness and sorrow which are bestowed by Nature and the nine planets of the occupants horoscope.

Vastu Advice for the Home:

» Enhance your health and vitality
» Promote financial prosperity
» Create a stress-free and supporting environment
» Improve your relationships and dealings with other people
» Give you inspiration and maximise your effectiveness
» Provide you with a refreshing, good nights sleep
» Allow your immune to recover and function at normal levels
» Promote general fortune and wellbeing

It is easier if a house is already built according to the basic Vastu principles:

Where to place the kitchen:

The southeast is generally the corner for the kitchen as when the sun reaches the south east its rays are auspicious for the cooking of food. If the southeast is not occupied by the kitchen it affects the health of the women and children and generates unnecessary argument. If there is a bathroom in the southeast it can cause great problems as the southeast is ruled by fire.

Where to place the pooja room:

The east is the preferred direction for the pooja room as the rays in the early morning when the sun rises is conducive to raising spirituality and enhancing the chi in the body. If however the east is blocked, higher than the west, full of garbage, and heavy furniture, it results in the decline of health, poverty and problems to the male children.

Where parents should sleep:

The southwest corner is the power corner and should be occupied by the parents/elders in the house. The southwest area of the plot should always be highest and the heaviest as that leads to wealth and prosperity. If however, there are defects in the southwest, it will affect the owner of the house, then the wife and then the first born son and lead to accidents, heart disorders and mental problems.

The importance of the North:

The north should never be blocked i.e windowless and there should always be open area like a balcony, veranda, garden in the north of the property as then financial and health problems are minimized. Therefore keep that area clean of garbage and if blocked place a Kuber Yantra and paint the wall green.

Beware of the South:

Deficiencies in the south like there being more free space or land in the south or the south being lower then the north affects women and if these defects are combined with defects in the west cancer of the uterus can develop.

How the Universal Scanner helps:

The Universal Scanner balances the energies of the karma of the house and the horoscope of the occupants in the house. It is said that if a person who has a good horoscope lives in a house with bad Vastu the good affects of his horoscope are negated quickly and if a person with a bad horoscope lives in a house with good Vastu energy the malefic effects of his horoscope are reduced. The Universal Scanner scans the house and the occupier and places a couple of extra Yantras which balance the horoscope and seal the Vastu around the occupant. This has been proved many times in my research and the work I have done for my clients.

The last step to create a balanced, protective shield around you which protects you from weather, the influences of your karma and horoscope, is the Geopathic stress realignment. The Geopathic Stress lines must be moved out of the property which can be easily done with the help of the rods/pyramid.

Vastu for Commercial Complexes/Offices/Factories.

When setting up a business, you invest a lot of your money, and would like to see the fruit of that investment quickly and ensure that money continues to come in. Therefore you need to make sure the office/ factory is according to Vastu principles and the flow of energy is conducive to correct working as is shown in

In short the benefits of Vastu for Commercial/offices/facories are:

Improves the efficiency of your employees
» Creates expansion in business and profit
» Increases your creativity and intelligence
» Creates a stress free and supporting environment

We will take a look at the plot/office/factory with the Universal Scanner and scan it for Geopathic Stress lines which are extremely detrimental if they are in the southeast and the north as these are the areas related to money and wellbeing. The southwest is the area connected to power and property dealings so if there is a Geopathic Stress line or a nodal point there the office/factory will not run properly if the Geopathic Stress is not negated. The Universal Scanner will also advise what Yantras need to be hung up to balance the Vastu Dosh and enable the energies in the property to enhance the money making capabilities of the property and turn a high stress environment into a stress free one.