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Vastu Shastra can Change Your Life

Vastu Shastra includes a vast array of remedial techniques for removing all kinds of faults and shortcomings in your land, the construction (i.e, building, architecture) of your property, its interior arrangements and the environment surrounding them.

As part of our Vastu for home in London and Vastu for office in London services, we incorporate a host of Vastu Shastra methodologies and techniques along with the use of the Universal Scanner, which checks the compatibility of your land and house/office, including the direction of the entrance and the grids within your house/office, in order to see whether or not there is a positive or negative energy flow therein. The Universal Scanner makes sure that all Vastu Dosh abnormalities are completely rectified so that only positive energy will flow in your place of residence or work.

We always try to apply the knowledge of Vastu for home and office along with Geopathic stress remedies and negative UV and IR rectification methods in such a way that avoids any major changes and demolition to the present structure. Our Vastu consultancy in London offers complete Vastu for home ,Vastu Shastra for office and individual Vastu Shastra packages which include:

  • Assistance with the selection of the land on which you wish to build your house or office.
  • Vastu tips for home and office - how to arrange your furniture, how to design or structure your bedroom and restroom, vastu tips pertaining to the direction of your bed and many other Vastu Shastra practices which help open your residence, office and life to the unlimited abundance of the Universe.
  • Deciphering your horoscope reading according to Vastu Shastra knowledge in order to solidify relationships, avoid undesirable events and take advantage of promising opportunities.
  • Use of the Universal Scanner to rectify Vastu Dosh defects in your home or office.
  • Use of Yantras to ensure the Vastu for your office and home is 100% rectified.

As an additional service, our Vastu consultancy in London will provide you with Vastu tips regarding EMF protection - EMF pollution is very dangerous as it cannot be seen or felt!

If you would like to arrange a special Vastu audit for your home in London, or Vastu for your office in London, please contact us today. After the audit you can decide whether or not you would like to continue to implement further Vastu tips, EMF readings and the other Vastu for home and Vastu Shastra for office services we provide.

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